5 Reasons Why You Should Drive a Diesel Car

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In the United States, diesel cars have typically not had the best of reputations. Their initial dirtiness and loudness tended to leave a negative impression on American buyers. However, here are a list of reasons why you no longer need to worry about that:

1. Diesel is now clean and quiet.

Technology has made many strides, including how car engines process diesel. No longer are they dangers on the road, running quite quietly and not making any more of a mess than a regular car might.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Diesel gas price sign

Diesel may cost slightly more than regular gasoline but it is also about 25 to 30 percent richer in energy. You will find yourself pumping up at the gas tank a lot less often with diesel than any other fuel, making it well worth your buck.

3. Convenience

It is almost impossible to take a road trip in a hybrid car that does not leave you running extremely low on energy. Public charging facilities are few and far between, whereas diesel has been the standard fuel for trucks for decades, making it available at more than half of American gas stations.

4. Power

Diesel engines give you much more power and performance than the standard gasoline would, which is exactly why the Germans use it.

5. Less CO2 Emissions

It may come as a surprise but diesel engines now put out much less pollution than a regular gasoline engine does. Studies have shown that they put out 20 to 40 percent less CO2 emissions.


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