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10 Ways to Prevent Drowsy Driving

It’s normal to get tired while driving, especially during long hauls. Follow these top 10 lifesaving tips to help you avoid driving while you’re drowsy. 10- Know the Symptoms of Drowsiness Many people who fell asleep while driving and were involved in a car accident say they only felt slightly tired beforehand. Know these symptoms Read More ››

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Drive Safely: Tips for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver or fleet owner, we know that safety on the road is one of your top priorities. Follow these tips to ensure you and others drive safely. Keep Yourself Healthy and Awake The biggest factor in truck driving safety has to do with your own health. Following these guidelines will go a Read More ››

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Safety Tips for Your Truck Tires

As a truck driver or fleet owner, you want everyone to arrive safely at their destination. One way to do this is to always perform a visual inspection of your tires before a trip. Here are some tips to help you catch any issues before you hit the road. Tire Pressure Since low air pressure Read More ››

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The Future of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Technology

2016 is finally here, and fuel prices are low without any indication that they’ll rise any time soon. With advances in technology, modern diesel engines are increasingly fuel efficient and emissions systems are more effective. Overall, it appears to be a bright future for fleet managers and owner operators alike. In the last 10 years Read More ››

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Why You Really, Really Don’t Want to Ignore DPF Cleaning

Imagine this: One by one, the vehicles in your fleet are losing horsepower. You also realize their fuel economy is tanking. And what was that knocking sound in the engine? You assess your fleet and realize at least half of your vehicles are severely underperforming and suffering from engine damage. You’re a busy fleet manager, Read More ››

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Aerodynamic Trailer Skirting: Why it’s a Must Have for Any Fleet

If you’ve spent any time traveling the highway recently, you’ve likely noticed a new trend amongst big-rigs and tractor-trailers: skirts. No, not the type of skirt your mother wears – these aerodynamic trailer skirts are the latest fad for fleets across the nation. What Is An Aerodynamic Trailer Skirt?   An aerodynamic trailer skirt, also Read More ››

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Closed Crankcase Ventilation 101 – Diesel Emission Retrofits

Do you feel like you want to wear a face mask whenever you start up your old diesel truck? Do you get a headache from the fumes while you’re inside the passenger cab of your vehicle? Diesel-powered trucks create a lot of emissions, which is bad for the environment and your own breathing quality. There Read More ››

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6 Ways To Never Pass An Emissions Test

(Disclaimer: the following post is satire. We really do think you should pass your emissions tests.)   In the grand scheme of things, does passing your vehicle’s emissions test doesn’t really matter? As a fleet manager, truck driver, or anyone else who drives a diesel engine, you’ve got better things to worry about than whether Read More ››

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How to Pass Your Smoke Opacity Inspection

In 1999, California adopted into state law The Periodic Smoke Inspection Program to monitor and control the smoke opacity – or excessive emissions smoke – of all California-based diesel fleets. This program requires all fleets to comply with the following:   All heavy-duty diesel trucks with more than a 6,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating must Read More ››

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