CARB: How to Comply and Stay on Budget

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When it comes to the success of your fleet, compliance with state regulations is absolutely necessary.  But, when your budget is tight, compliance can seem too expensive and overwhelming.

FleetServ is here to help you comply, and stay on budget.  Understanding the benefits of FleetServ’s Retrofit Finance Program will help you make the best decision for your fleet!

FleetServ Retrofit Finance ProgramFleet Finance

Because compliance, and especially diesel retrofitting, is both necessary and potentially expensive, FleetServ has come up with a plan to help diesel fleets comply even on a tight budget.

This Finance program can help you and your fleet to:

  • Consolidate. This means that you can combine your existing loan payment with your retrofit compliance fee, and have just one convenient payment.
  • Pay Low Starting Costs. FleetServ generally only requires the first payment in advance.
  • Penalty Avoidance. Compliance with FleetServ will save you from huge non-compliance charges in the New Year.

With the help of the experts at FleetServ, you can get your fleet up to code within your budget.

Choosing FleetServ

Complying with regulation is important, and will save you money in the long run—and FleetServ is here to help.

If you have any questions about how FleetServ can help you meet your compliance goals, contact the FleetServ office today, and our expert staff will be happy to help you.  Or, to get started on your Finance Program, click here to fill out your application today!

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