Clean Diesel: Reasons To Retrofit

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Though diesel engines may have high torque, incomparable reliability and affordable fuel-efficiency, they are notorious for emitting serious particulate matter, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide – creating significant air pollution and posing harmful health risks.


Thankfully, many diesel emission reduction plans have been developed to reduce these worrisome consequences. As one of the most leading and effective strategies, diesel retrofits allow drivers and fleet managers to save money while also producing some of the cleanest diesel possible.


What is a Diesel Retrofit?

A diesel retrofit is an entire program of components that work together to reduce emissions of soot, and smog-forming pollutants and toxins. They focus on adding a filter to the engine, replacing old engines and using cleaner fuels or additives to achieve these clean emissions. Most notably, diesel retrofit technologies significantly reduce these harmful substances at an economical cost without damaging the vehicles performance.


The retrofit program consists of five separate strategies:


  1. Repower: Replace an old engine with a new engine
  2. Refuel: Use cleaner diesel fuels
  3. Retrofit: Install emissions filters or catalysts
  4. Replace: Replace faulty equipment with new equipment
  5. Rebuild: Rebuild the current engine with modern upgrades


Why Retrofit?

The better questions is why not retrofit your truck or fleet? Retrofitted vehicles reduce in-use emissions up to 85% and results are almost immediate. Instead of having to wait around for emissions results, retrofits result in clean emissions almost instantly. Best of all, retrofits don’t come with a high price tag.


How Do I Retrofit My Vehicle?

Whether you’re taking your rock-crawler out for an adventure or prepping your fleet for a cross-country run, come to the experts at FleetServ for all of your diesel emission retrofit needs. We guarantee fast turnaround times, high-quality work, long-lasting performance, competitive pricing, honest feedback and a responsive, responsible team of professionals. Call us today to talk to one of our helpful team members.




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