Drive Safely: Tips for Truck Drivers

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As a truck driver or fleet owner, we know that safety on the road is one of your top priorities. Follow these tips to ensure you and others drive safely.

Keep Yourself Healthy and Awake

The biggest factor in truck driving safety has to do with your own health. Following these guidelines will go a long way in staying attentive and focused on the road ahead.

  • Prevent heartburn, acid reflux, and general gut discomfort by avoiding greasy and salty foods. Eat eggs, granola, yogurt, nuts, apples, carrots, and other vitamin-rich foods. Pack your own healthy meals and snacks in a cooler so you can stay satisfied all day long.  
  • Exercise before and after a long haul. During each stop, stretch your legs, hips, back, arms, and neck. Then take a brisk walk to get the blood flowing through your body.
  • Drowsy driving is extremely risky. Get enough sleep before you drive and pull over for a nap when you start to get tired.
  • Quit smoking. You’ll feel better, live longer, and will be less distracted while driving.
  • Never drink and drive. Not only will you get in trouble with the law and risk losing your driver’s license, but you put your life and the lives of others in danger.
  • Talk to other people. Whether you call your family, socialize with other drivers, or stay connected on social media, being around others will help to combat loneliness and boredom during long hours on the road.

Always Check Your Truck Before Driving

Maintaining your truck and giving it a thorough check before each trip is very important.

  • Check your fluid levels, horn, mirrors, tire pressure, and brakes.
  • Identify safety defects.
  • Check for mechanical or electrical issues.
  • Stack your load low and spread it over the full area of the trailer.

Follow Safe Driving Practices

Always follow safe driving practices specifically for large trucks.

  • Frequently checking your “no zones” or blind spots can help prevent a crash. Look on the sides in front of the cab, behind the side mirrors, and directly behind your trailer.
  • Reduce your speed on curves (especially on entrance and exit ramps), in work zones, and during bad weather.
  • Always use your turn signal for a full 5 blinks before you change lanes or turn a corner.  
  • Maintain a safe distance between your bumper and the car in front of you. Anticipate hard-braking situations.
  • Notify drivers behind you that you’ll be slowing down by first tapping your brake pedal.
  • Buckle up every time you step behind the wheel.

Continue Your Driving Education

You may think you don’t need continued driving education, but it’s always helpful to be aware of new technology and techniques that you can use to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

  • Watch online training videos.
  • Work with law enforcement and see what you can do to promote safe highways. You can assist stranded motorists and notify traffic safety agencies of unsafe drivers or roadway conditions.  

When you follow these safety guidelines you’ll be able arrive at your destination and return back home safely. If your truck or fleet needs retrofitting for compliance or other services, visit Fleetserv today.

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