Enforcement of Clean Truck Check (HD I/M) Program

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Since January 1, 2023, roadside emissions monitoring devices (REMD) have been used to screen for vehicles that may have high emissions. These vehicles will receive a Notice to Submit to Testing (NST) from California Air Resources Board (CARB) enforcement and vehicle owners will have 30 calendar days to submit a passing emissions compliance test. Testing must be performed by a credentialed tester and OBD testing must be performed using a CARB-certified device. Be sure to allow enough time in case repairs are required. Vehicles deemed non-compliant are subject to enforcement action, which may include DMV registration blocks, additional compliance testing, and penalties.

Clean Truck Check requirements are currently focused on high emitters, compliance with NSTs, and blocking DMV registration for non-compliant vehicles. Get reported, pay your annual compliance fee, and provide a passing emissions test to comply with NST requirements.

FleetServ is a Credentialed CARB Certified Tester. Register for Clean Truck Check Here:

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