How Technology Impacts Your Fleet

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6295871015_7f10b877a6_bWith ever-changing technology impacting the way we live and work, it’s no surprise these advances affect fleet management as well. Thanks to recent developments in fleet technology, your business can increase its productivity, improve efficiency and even boost revenue.

These three impactful technologies can help drive success and benefit your company in ways it’s never before experienced.


  1. Computer Sharing

Cloud computing, or cloud-based technologies, are now replacing the complex computer systems and complicated software that tracks vehicles, drivers, mileage, schedules, maintenance and more. This new system allows drivers and fleet managers to access a web-based interface from any device, at any time and it can provide instantaneous connection to necessary data.

Best of all, this technology eliminates pesky paperwork, frustrating filing systems, and insufficient information. As the manager of a small fleet, you’ll have constant access to accurate information, whenever or wherever you want.

  1. GPS Tracking and M2M Technology2679664949_e4da544722

For smaller fleets that aren’t equipped with the large-scale tracking devices of expansive corporations, GPS fleet tracking is a budget-friendly, easily manageable option. GPS tracking helps managers and drivers streamline delivery efforts and can assist in recovery in the event of a stolen or misplaced vehicle.

GPS tracking also works in coordination with M2M technologies, or machine-to-machine technology, to capture vital business data. This critical data is computer and smartphone compatible so that managers and drivers can access business intelligence like driver efficiency, customer service, fuel costs, payroll information and revenue.

  1. Fuel Efficiency Technology

Innovative fuel-cell technology is rising in alternative fuel options. A fuel-cell uses a mix of oxygen and hydrogen to create electricity that powers the vehicle’s electric motor. This cost-effective option is still undergoing modern developments, but has proved its usefulness as a fuel alternative.

Though these are just some of the most groundbreaking technologies for fleets, the future possibilities are truly endless. With everything from battery efficiency, to alternative fuel sources, to computerized systems and even to cargo capacities, technology is sure to greatly change the face of fleet management for the better.

For more information on developing technologies or for assistance in making your fleet more efficient and productive, contact FleetServ today. With top-of-the-line fleet management services, FleetServ can help you and your fleet achieve ultimate success.


photo credit: GPS tracking Warsaw via photopin (license) photo credit: Coca-Cola truck fleet in Los Angeles, California via photopin (license)

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