Keeping Drowsy off the Road

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It is a well-known fact that driving drowsy is equivalent to driving drunk.  For those of you who drive for a living and to all you first-time road trippers, here are a few helpful tips to keep you awake on your next long haul.

Get your body readymedium_6293985144

Before you even hop in the driver’s seat, make sure your body is well rested and well fueled.  That means a good night’s sleep and a healthy meal (not junk food or caffeine).

Keep your mind occupied

Don’t let the long, boring stretches of road get to you.  If there are passengers with you, talk to them.  If that is not an option, listen to music, a book on tape, or talk radio.  Talk to yourself if necessary.  You may feel like a fool, but it could end up being an interesting and insightful conversation.

Take breaks

Your body needs to move every once in a while to stay alert.  Get out of the vehicle and get your blood flowing again.  If you need to, take a power nap.  Buy some healthy snacks to keep your taste-buds entertained.

Annoy yourself

This is an unusual trade secret.  Truck drivers often tickle the roof of their mouth with their tongue or pinch themselves to stay awake.  Listening to music you hate will also keep you distracted and alert.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t drive drowsy.  What may be a horrible battle to some could end up being an enjoyable experience for you!
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