Espar Idle Reduction Products

EsparEspar Heater Systems manufactures diesel-fired heating systems that provide cab and sleeper heat in trucks, as well as independent coolant systems for quick engine pre-heating. Both dramatically reduce the need for engine idling, thereby decreasing engine wear, fuel consumption, down time and “white smoke.” Espar has been providing air and coolant heating products to the North American market for over 30 years.

Benefits include:

  • Cab preheat – without engine idling
  • Engine preheat – for safe and reliable cold weather starting
  • Operate anywhere – no electrical plug-ins, so no need for external hook-ups

Products We Use

  • HYDRONIC Coolant Heaters
  • AIRTRONIC Cabin Heaters
Espar HYDRONIC Coolant HeatersEspar AIRTRONIC Cabin Heaters

Product Information

Services Using Products

FleetServ uses Espar products in the following services for your fleet:

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