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Rypos is a leading technology provider in the emissions reduction field. Rypos’ particulate filtrations systems are the only ones on the market that use an “intelligent” system that is designed to regenerate under any engine load condition or exhaust temperature. Rypos uses a closed-loop electrically-controlled filtration system that do not need to take either the engine or the filter offline, overdrive the system, or infuse added fuel to reach regeneration temperatures.

Products We Use

  • Diesel Particulate Filters
    • AT-IV Active DPF™
    • Active ADPF/C™ for RTG Crane Applications
    • Rypos Diesel Exhaust Particulate Filter DPF/LETRU
    • DPF/ULETRU for Carrier and ThermoKing MY2003 or Newer Transportation Refrigeration Units
  • AT-IV Active SCR™
  • Proventia Flow Through Filters
Rypos AT-IV Active DPF Rypos Active ADPF/C Rypos Active ADPF/C for Cranes Rypos Carrior DPF ULETRU

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