Understanding DPF Maintenance

DPF Maintenance

DPF Maintenance Done Right

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are emission control devices designed to clean the exhaust emitted by vehicles’ diesel engines. FleetServ’s proprietary cleaning process thoroughly cleans DPFs, restoring them to nearly 90% or better of “new” condition.

FleetServ provides DPF Cleaning Service for nearly all DPFs on the market today, for all types of vehicles and equipment. This process is easily integrated into your fleets’ normal vehicle maintenance schedule. We offer:

  • 24-hour turn-around
  • Pick up and delivery service
  • Unmatched proprietary cleaning process
  • Emergency service – Mobile Onsite DPF Cleaning
  • Over-sized filter cleaning
  • Competitive pricing

How DPFs Work

In the diesel particulate matter filter, exhaust gasses pass through the open end of a channel and at the opposite end is a plug that forces the gases through the porous channel wall, allowing the exhaust to escape through the neighboring channel wall trapping as much as 90 percent of the solid particle matter.

DPF Illustration

How DPFs Work

DPF Animation

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Why DPF Maintenance is Necessary

Unfortunately, many vehicle dealers imply that all that is needed to keep DPFs clean is to hit the vehicle’s “regeneration” button. While it’s true that the regen cycle is necessary and will combust much of the accumulated particulate matter, noncombustible materials trapped in the filter will still be left behind. This remaining residue creates back pressure that will eventually lead to increased regeneration down time, loss of horsepower, reduced fuel economy, filter damage and, ultimately, engine damage.

To properly clean the DPF it must be removed from the vehicle and put thorough a special cleaning process. Regens alone will not do the job.

Reducing Particulate Matters is the Law

Both the EPA and the California Air Resources Board have very specific diesel emissions regulations in place. The EPA mandated that all diesel vehicles manufactured after the year 2007 must be equipped with a diesel particulate filter in order to significantly reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions. The California Air Resources Board took it a step further and is requiring diesel vehicles manufactured prior to 2007 to have a retrofit diesel particulate filter installed. These regulations affect both on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment. At this time many other states are also passing and enforcing similar regulations.

As emissions compliance experts, FleetServ can not only keep your PM filters clean – we can also help you with emission strategies, retrofits and more.

Proper DPF Maintenance Keeps Your Fleet Running Better

Proactive Fleet Managers keep their fleets’ DPFs clean. The benefits of FleetServ’s DPF maintenance service include:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased engine performance & horsepower
  • Minimal fleet business interruption
  • Fewer regenerations
  • Longer DPF life
  • Optimized DPF performance
  • Extended cleaning intervals
  • Lower overall maintenance costs

Save Money by Doing it Right the First Time

FleetServ’s proprietary cleaning process gets DPFs clean. Very clean. So clean that they’re restored to nearly 90% or better of their “new” condition. In contrast, most other service providers’ cleaning techniques only get DPFs 50-60% clean at best.

When it comes to your company’s bottom line, the difference between restoring your DPFs to “nearly new” versus to only “half as good as new” can be huge. Why? Because a dirty DPF reduces your fuel economy, costing you more with each mile driven. A dirty DPF also requires much more frequent regens, each of which takes your vehicle out of commission for up to 45 minutes at a time or more.

Get Truly Clean DPFs!

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