Understanding Emission Strategies

Emission Strategies

Cost-Effective Fleet Emission Strategies

FleetServ provides comprehensive emission compliance strategies for operators of on-road or off-road diesel fleets. The overriding goal of these consulting services is to get and keep your fleet in regulatory compliance while saving you time and money – even if it means fewer retrofit sales for us. In fact, a proper emissions strategy can enable you to delay or avoid many retrofits that other consultants will claim are necessary. We understand that retrofitting is a business decision and sometimes replacing a vehicle makes more financial sense.

Which of your vehicles need to be retrofitted, and when does it need to happen? What exactly needs to be installed – DPFs, DOCs, Idle Reduction Technology, or what? What are the reporting requirements? FleetServ will analyze your fleet, give you honest advice and create a comprehensive emission strategy that addresses all of these questions and more. At the end of the day you’ll be able to rest easy knowing it’s all handled – correctly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Emissions Compliance is the Law

If you operate in California or many other states, having a fleet emission strategy is a requirement. But even if your fleet does not operate in one of these states, having a comprehensive emission strategy in place simply makes good business sense.

Emissions compliance is addressed in numerous laws and regulations administered by a wide variety of regulatory bodies. This tangled and often-confusing web of emissions regulations include local, state and federal edicts. What they all have in common is the goal of reducing harmful emissions released into the environment by diesel engines.

As your diesel emissions consultant, FleetServ stays on top of all of these laws and regulations for you, so that you can focus on running your fleet.

Keep Up with Reporting Requirements

The reporting requirements associated with emissions regulations are very specific – and little mistakes can lead to big fines. Let FleetServ take this often time-consuming task off your plate. As part of our Emission Strategies Service, FleetServ offers a variety of reporting and registration services, including:

  • California Air Resources Board
    • (DOORS) Diesel Off Road Online Reporting
    • (TRU) Transportation Refrigeration Units
    • (PERP) Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program
    • (DTR) Drayage Truck Registry
    • (TRUCRS) Truck Regulation Upload, Compliance and Reporting
    • Air District Notifications
    • Air District Permits
    • EPA – NESHAP
    • Various reporting and registration services for numerous other states and agencies

Take the Headache out of Emissions Compliance

Compliance does not have to be a constant source of stress for you. FleetServ can create and implement a complete, proactive emission strategy for your fleet, addressing everything from retrofits and maintenance to reporting and vehicle procurement. As a result, you’ll:

  • Avoid significant fines – Non-compliance can get very expensive. CARB (California Air Resources Board) fines, for example, can be as much as $10,000 per day, per vehicle.
  • Avoid fleet business interruption – Advanced planning and timely DPF maintenance will keep down time at a minimum.
  • Get and remain in compliance – Comply with all applicable California emission regulations (including CARB, California Environmental Protection Agency, California Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol, and Local California Air Districts) as well as EPA, US Department of Transportation, and miscellaneous other emission regulations.
  • Fulfill reporting requirements – FleetServ can either handle all of the reporting for you, or inform you of exactly what needs to be done when.
  • Retrofit vehicles cost-effectively – They don’t all need to be done at once, and some may not need to be retrofitted at all.

Benefit from our Straight-Forward and Comprehensive Process

FleetServ’s Emission Strategies Service is designed for operators of diesel fleets of all types and sizes. Our comprehensive process includes:

  • Fleet Analysis – Size, type and age of fleet; vehicle or equipment usage; and more.
  • Regulatory Analysis – Which regulations apply to your fleet? Are there pending regulations that might impact you as well?
  • Strategy – What is the cost of retrofit versus replacement? If you are eligible for a phase-in option, which vehicles should be retrofitted first? At what point will you need to procure new vehicles?
  • Reporting – What needs to be reported to whom, and when?
  • Implementation – Which aspects of your emissions strategy do you want to handle, and which would you like FleetServ to manage for you?

Depending on your situation, your customized Emissions Strategy will address:

  • Emissions Compliance for all diesel vehicles
  • Emission Device Maintenance
  • Statewide (California) mobile Smoke Opacity Testing (CCDET Certified)
  • DPF retrofit sales and installation

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