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If you’re operating a fleet of diesel vehicles in California, compliance with the California Air Resource Board’s (CARB’s) Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP) is the law. FleetServ makes this compliance as quick and easy for you as possible, with mobile on-site testing by CCDET-certified technicians, electronic record keeping, and professionally bound test results.

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What You Need to Know about PSIP

In 1990 CARB’s Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP) was adopted as law. This program is meant to reduce excessive smoke emissions from heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses. Here are the program’s pertinent details:

  • Vehicles affected: Any diesel vehicle that is operated in California, part of a fleet of two or more vehicles, and either greater than 6,000 pounds GVWR with an engine more than four years old.
  • What you must do: Each affected vehicle must have and pass an annual smoke opacity test, conducted according to the SAE J1667 test procedure. Any vehicle that does not pass the test must be promptly repaired, brought into compliance and re-tested.
  • What this tests for: The amount of smoke in the vehicle’s exhaust.
  • What these tests are called: Most commonly referred to as the “Smoke Test,” but also called Diesel Smoke Test, Snap Throttle Test, Snap Test, Diesel Smog Test, Ringleman Test, Smoke Opacity Test or Opacity Test.
  • Standards that must be met: 55% opacity for pre-1991 engines and 40% for 1991 and newer engines.
  • Records you must keep: Records of opacity tests, repair information and post-repair opacity tests for each vehicle must be maintained for a minimum of two years.
  • Penalties for non-compliance: A fleet owner that neglects to perform the annual smoke opacity inspection on applicable vehicles is subject to a penalty of $500.00 per vehicle, per year.

If you would like to review all of the “legal details” of the regulation, click here for CARB’s “Enforcement of California’s Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP)” Advisory.

The FleetServ Advantage

Compliance with the PSIP will help you avoid costly penalties and fleet down time. In addition to emitting fewer pollutants, well-maintained engines operate at maximum fuel economy, effectively reducing operating costs and helping promote a positive image for the industry.

FleetServ’s PSIP testing service offers many advantages for you, all designed to minimize fleet business interruptions:

  • Mobile On-Site Statewide Testing – We’ll come to you, anywhere in California.
  • CCDET-Certified Technicians – As required by the law.
  • Electronic Record Keeping – FleetServ will archive all of the raw test data for you.
  • Professionally Bound Test Results – Each year FleetServ will give you an organized and bound folder containing all of your fleet’s records for the entire year. If you’re ever audited, you’ll be ready in a moment’s notice.
  • Smoke Test Door Stickers – Stating the date on which the vehicle passed inspection.

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