The Benefits of DPF Cleaning

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DPF filter

Diesel particulate filters are integral to the operation of your fleet. They help you stay compliant with state and federal laws, and they help you reduce your environmental impact. Here’s what you should know about DPF cleaning:

How Does The DPF Work?

Diesel particulate filters are designed to clean the exhaust that is emitted by diesel engines, and control emissions. Exhaust passes through an open end on one side of a panel and out through a plugged end on the other side. The safe gasses escape and harmful particulates are trapped inside. When the DPF is working properly, up to 90% of harmful particulates are caught.

Why Is It Important To Keep The DPF Clean?

Diesel particulate filters keep your fleet in line with federal mandates and protect the air we all breathe, but if these filters aren’t properly cleaned, they’ll stop working. The regeneration cycle can combust some of the accumulated particles, but it won’t take care of everything. Eventually, left unattended the residue build up can result in reduced fuel economy, filter damage, reduced horsepower, and even engine damage.

While ignoring DPF maintenance can cause serious problems, regular care and maintenance of your DPF can result in many benefits.  Maintaining your DPFs will help you avoid legal fines and interruptions in your business. Other benefits include:

  • Better DPF performance
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Better fuel economy
  • Better engine performance
  • DPFs that last longer

FleetServ’s cleaning process keeps your fleet up and running and cleans your filters, restoring them to 90% or better of their original condition. To learn more about DPF cleaning, contact FleetServ today.

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