The Fast 5: A Truck Driver’s Essential Packing List

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How big is the cab of your truck? Do you find yourself cramped for space and low on the essential packing items? We’ve developed a list of 5 necessities that will help you organize your life on the road and enjoy a few modern comforts of home while also being prepared for whatever situations you may face on your drive.

1.     Toiletries

Maintaining proper hygiene on the road is important. Along with toothpaste, a toothbrush and deodorant, consider also packing things such as a razor, hairbrush, hand sanitizer and wet wipes. Try to buy these products in travel sizes to reduce the amount of space they take up in your bag. Also, if you wear contacts don’t forget to pack an extra set and bring a pair of glasses as backup.


We also recommend purchasing a portable toilet. Not only will this save you time on the road, but it also serves as a great means of collecting waste water from things like dirty dishes, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.

2.     Entertainment


Without a source of entertainment, free time can seem to last forever. Invest in a tablet or e-reader, a laptop or portable music player like an iPod – these allow you to leave clunky books at home and help you avoid the hassle of changing CDs. You’ll find ample access to charging stations on the road, but be sure to pack any additional chargers or adapters you might need.

3.     Emergency Kit

Be sure to pack an emergency kit with the essentials of health care like bandages, ointment, wraps and gauze. Include a flashlight, extra batteries and a list of emergency contacts. Consider including a few personal checks in the event your credit card is lost, stolen or stops working.


Also build an emergency kit for your truck. Aside from a road atlas, be sure you have the right tools to help with loading and unloading and include a CB to communicate with other drivers on the road about construction issues, traffic snarls or other conditions.


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