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You know you need to take care of emissions retrofits for your fleet. Not only do you want to save money on repairs and maintenance, you also know you need to be in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

But maybe you’re worried about the cost of retrofitting the older vehicles in your fleet. Maybe that has caused you to put off the process, despite the nagging you feel every time you think about the emissions of your vehicles.

FleetServ’s Retrofit Finance Program will help you put those nagging thoughts to rest while getting your vehicles in compliance.

Peace of mind. At a rate you can afford.


You don’t have to add a separate finance payment to your list of bills. FleetServ’s fleet finance program allows you to consolidate the cost of retrofitting with your existing vehicle loan. This provides the convenience of only having to make one payment.

Low Down Payment

We’ll work with you to settle on a low down payment for your fleet finance situation. Oftentimes, this means you’ll only have to pay the first payment in advance.

Tax Benefits

You’ll receive tax benefits from lease financing as you capitalize your entire purchase rather than depreciating your purchase over time.

Avoid Penalties

$10,000 a day per vehicle. That’s the cost of some CARB (California Air Resources Board) penalties – and it can be a devastating amount.

You can avoid those large penalty costs when you retrofit your old vehicles on the right schedule. We’ll help you save money through our fleet finance program.

The Right Schedule Saves Money

Some fleet managers are concerned that bringing their fleet into compliance means all vehicles will have to be retrofitted at once. This is, of course, an expensive concern.

But this isn’t always necessary. At FleetServ, we understand your worries, and we work to save you money. We’ll help you implement an emissions strategy to reduce your costs, even delaying or avoiding many retrofits completely.

After analyzing your fleet, we’ll create a strategic emissions strategy that complies with regulations, avoids heavy fines, retrofits your vehicles cost-effectively, and saves you time and money.

We Handle All the Details of Retrofitting

The matter of emissions regulations is a tricky one to stay on top of. With many local, state, and federal laws, how do you know if your vehicles are in compliance or not? How can you figure out which regulations apply to your fleet?

And how can you determine which vehicles in your fleet need to be retrofitted?

And then there’s the matter of reporting: Small mistakes that violate the very specific reporting requirements may end in hefty fines.

FleetServ stays on top of the many laws so you don’t have to. We understand the complexities are overwhelming, and we’ll help you analyze and make the most cost-effective decisions to bring your fleet into compliance.

After a comprehensive analysis, not only will we handle the necessary retrofits, but we’ll also take care of procurement and reporting for you.

You can get back to the many other demands of managing a fleet, resting easy that retrofitting – and everything involved – is being taken care of.

An Effective Process

Our Emission Strategies Service is straight-forward and comprehensive. We handle:

  • Fleet analysis
  • Regulatory analysis – We’ll determine which regulations apply to your fleet, and alert you to any pending regulations that could affect you.
  • Strategy – You may benefit more from replacing a vehicle than from retrofitting. We’ll help you determine that. For the vehicles that need to be retrofitted, we’ll help you optimize your schedule for the least amount of downtime and cost.
  • Reporting – We’ll either show you what needs to be reported and how, or do it for you. Either way, we’ll help you meet the regulations and avoid fines.
  • Implementation – You may want to handle some of the emissions strategy yourself. We’ll help you determine which aspects would be best handled by you, and which would be better to leave to FleetServ.

Get Started

Emissions control for a fleet of vehicles can be an overwhelming task to handle. Call us at 1 (888) 315-4228 or visit our Fleet Finance page, and we’ll run the numbers to help you analyze your situation and options.

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