Understanding the BIT Program

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At FleetServ, our team of experts wants you and your fleet to be as successful as possible. And that’s why aiding with compliance is our top priority. Understanding the BIT (Biennial Inspection of Terminals Program) is essential to your fleet’s compliance.


Here are a few of the most important things you need to know about the BIT and how FleetServ can help.

What is the BIT?

The BIT was created to help fleet managers be more proactive about preventative fleet maintenance. To ensure that all fleets are kept as safe and well maintained as possible, the BIT was created to comprise the following elements:


  • Regular Terminal Inspections. In order to comply with BIT, you must have terminal inspections taken by the California Highway Patrol every 25 months.
  • Regular Vehicle Inspections. Vehicle inspections need to take place every 90 days. Although fleet managers can perform these inspections, FleetServ can make the process much simpler.


Each inspection must cover brake components, adjustments, and leaks; steering and suspension systems; tires and wheels; and vehicle connecting devices.

Keeping Records

In addition to the inspections themselves, thorough records – documentation of these inspections – are required. This is where FleetServ can reduce the stress associated with managing so many elements of compliance. We keep things simple by performing appropriate inspections and maintaining the necessary records, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Working with FleetServ

At FleetServ, we know how difficult it can be to maintain a Fleet of vehicles, and that’s why we want to help make things a little bit simpler. Contact our team today to get started on your BIT program compliance.

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