Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

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Driving for anyone in snowy conditions is a little nerve-wracking.  For truck drivers, the pressure doubles (at least).  Skilled truck drivers can navigate snowy roads just as well as any other drivers.  If you are a new truck driver or entering snowy roads for the first time, here are a few tips to make your trip event-free!

Check Ahead


Preparation is extremely important.  Know what the weather is expected to be like along your entire route.  If you expect extreme temperatures, be sure to add some anti-gel to your diesel tank before heading out.  Also, pack an emergency kit including water, food, and extra blankets/clothing in case you get stuck in a blizzard.

Go Slow

In bad weather, speed limits don’t mean a thing.  The speed limit is always too fast in heavy snow.  Hitting a patch of ice too quickly or not being able decelerate in time to avoid a collision can have serious consequences.  Be smart!  Drive slow!

Watchful Eye

Be very aware of surrounding conditions when you are driving.  If ice is building up on your windshield, that means there is a good chance the roads will be icy too.  Keep an eye on other vehicles as well.  If you see cars or other trucks spinning, get off the road as soon as possible and wait for safer conditions.  Stay out of packs and allow extra following distances.  Never ever follow closely in bad weather.

Follow these few simple tips and have a safe journey!

photo credit: dane brian via photopin cc

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