Your Guide to Tire Maintenance

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4109732012_e7f702f8a7Tire maintenance is essential to keeping your fleet in top form, and the FleetServ team is here to help.  Read the following list to learn the most important things you should know about tire maintenance for your fleet.

1. Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly

Keeping perfect tire pressure is very important to every fleet’s success.  When you maintain a constant appropriate tire pressure, your tires will be safer, more effective, and provide for lower fuel costs and easier handling.

2. Rotate Tires Often

Rotating tires makes it possible for each tire to wear evenly.  This will ensure that no over-wearing occurs and that your tires will last as long and safely as possible.

3. Watch Out for Abnormal Wear

If there is abnormal wear to your tires, including punctures, cracks, bulges and other wear, you should take care of it immediately.  This will ensure that no problems happen while your fleet is on the road.

4. Only Install Tires in Sets and Pairs

For the best possible results, you should always install tires in pairs or sets.  This will ensure even wear and make for a high levels of stability and keep your vehicle in great working order.

5. Inspect Tires before Every Trip3617754883_b4c2e6e6e6_n

All the maintenance in the world won’t helpif you aren’t regularly inspecting your tires.  Make sure your drivers inspect their tires before every trip.


Now that you have these tips in tow, you are ready to keep your tires in top form well into the future.  Keep following the FleetServ blog for more great tips!


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