How to Pass Your Smoke Opacity Inspection

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In 1999, California adopted into state law The Periodic Smoke Inspection Program to monitor and control the smoke opacity – or excessive emissions smoke – of all California-based diesel fleets. This program requires all fleets to comply with the following:


  • All heavy-duty diesel trucks with more than a 6,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating must be tested yearly with a smoke opacity meter.
  • All heavy-duty diesel trucks must meet an opacity standard of 55% for all pre-1991 engines and 40% for all engines post-1991.
  • All heavy-duty diesel trucks determined to be in non-compliance must be promptly repaired and brought into immediate compliance.
  • All heavy-duty diesel trucks must have up-to-date records of the initial opacity test, all repair information, post-repair opacity results and the meter calibration must be maintained for at least two consecutive years.


Fleet owners and managers must have all of their vehicles inspected on or before December 31st of every year to adequately comply with PSIP regulations. At FleetServ we provide thorough, friendly smoke opacity testing, that complies with the California Air Resource Board rules and regulations, for all diesel fleets based in California.


With mobile on-site testing by our trained, certified technicians, FleetServ makes compliance quicker and easier than ever. We offer electronic record keeping and professionally bound test results that allow every driver to have immediate access to all maintenance and testing records. Visit FleetServ today to get a free PSIP compliance analysis for you and your fleet and contact us to schedule an inspection for your fleet, today!

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