Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of your Diesel Engine

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One of the main costs for any large fleet of diesel powered vehicles is fuel costs.  The costs of fuel simply to stay in business can be excessive and any time a fleet manager can devise ways to improve the fuel economy of the trucks in the fleet, the entire company improves.

Improving the fuel economy on diesel powered rigs is much like improving the fuel economy of any other type of vehicle.  There are specific alterations or additions to the truck that can be made to improve gas mileage as well as multiple things that drivers can do to boost the fuel efficiency of their vehicles.

The truckYellow Semi Truck

First, consider what can be done to the rig itself to improve its diesel fuel economy:

  • Upgrade the air intake resonator from the stock part to a higher quality part
  • Upgrade the stock exhaust system to a performance exhaust system
  • Make the switch to high performance synthetic engine oils
  • Invest in a power module for the diesel engines of the fleet
  • Replace the air filter regularly
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Make good use of fuel additives to clean out engines and fuel injectors

The driver

Next, consider what can be done by the drivers to ensure maximum fuel efficiency:

  • Drive 65mph on the highway as this speed allows for peak fuel efficiency in the higher speeds
  • Avoid accelerating too quickly
  • Avoid accelerating then stopping
  • Allow for deceleration to happen naturally whenever possible by letting off the accelerator and coasting

These few tips can help an entire fleet to save more money on fuel and to become more fuel efficient overall.
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