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Selective Catalytic Reduction

At FleetServ, we are proud to offer quality solutions to emission control issues.  We serve our clients best by providing the latest in emission control services and devices. FleetServ offers procurement, installation, training, and retrofitting services for a wide variety of effective emission control devices.  One such device is known as the Selective Catalytic Reduction Read More ››

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Keeping Drowsy off the Road

It is a well-known fact that driving drowsy is equivalent to driving drunk.  For those of you who drive for a living and to all you first-time road trippers, here are a few helpful tips to keep you awake on your next long haul. Get your body ready Before you even hop in the driver’s Read More ››

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WHO Officially Declares Air Pollution a Carcinogen

News coming out of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the World Health Organization’s branch devoted to cancer research, declared this week that air pollution is now classified as a carcinogen.  For those who may not be familiar with the phrase “carcinogen” this news of air pollution being labeled as such may not come Read More ››

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How do Carbon Emissions Affect Our Health?

As we go about our daily lives, we do not realize how much we are exposed to the carbon emissions that are deteriorating our health. Every day we witness poisonous gases all around us – and most of us are even causing it ourselves. It can come from our motor vehicles, something that we sometimes Read More ››

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World’s Most Polluted Countries

Whether you believe in “global warming” or not, it is an undeniable fact that carbon emissions are contributing to the air pollution of the planet. Some say it is a necessary evil, while others continue to find alternate forms of renewable energy to lessen their carbon footprint. Here are the top three offending countries. India Read More ››

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White House Moves to Limit Power Plant Carbon Emissions

In the year 2007 the United States Supreme Court made a landmark ruling that propelled events which culminated this week in Washington with the unveiling of new EPA standards on carbon emissions by new power plants in the United States.  Back then, the concern over carbon emissions was raised in a lawsuit filed by the Read More ››

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Freeway Pollution to be Monitored in Southern California

Big news coming out of the United States Environmental Protection Agency says that new air pollution monitors will be required next to interstates and high traffic areas.  The new regulations requiring the instillation of air monitoring devices will affect over one hundred cities and urban centers across the nation, including Southern California. In Southern California, Read More ››

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How do Diesel Particulate Filters Work?

The Diesel Particulate Filter on large diesel vehicles serve and important role for both the vehicle’s functionality and, more importantly for our clients, compliance with emission laws concerning fleet vehicles for business.  Because many businesses with large fleets of vehicles own multiple diesel driven rigs and vehicles, and because these businesses rely on being compliant Read More ››

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Periodic Smoke Inspection Program

As any company with a large fleet of vehicles knows, compliance with the laws, both state and federal, concerning those vehicles is vital for the success of the business.  Without strict compliance to fleet laws, a company can incur legal action against them from state and federal law enforcement agencies, which will cripple business and Read More ››

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