The Benefits of DPF Cleaning

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Diesel particulate filters are integral to the operation of your fleet. They help you stay compliant with state and federal laws, and they help you reduce your environmental impact. Here’s what you should know about DPF cleaning: How Does The DPF Work? Diesel particulate filters are designed to clean the exhaust that is emitted by Read More ››

Keep Your Fleet Running With The DPF Exchange Program

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  Diesel particulate filters keep your fleet running efficiently and compliant with federal and state regulations, but these filters do require some maintenance to function at their best. That is why we introduced the DPF Exchange Program. Here’s what you should know: Eliminate Downtime With The DPF Exchange Program The DPF Exchange Program is designed Read More ››

All You Need To Know About Emissions Control Systems

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For decades, emission control systems have been studied and developed to encompass a vast array of engines and vehicles. With such an expansive selection, these various types of emission control systems can be confusing and complicated when it comes to the needs and demands of running a fleet. However, by fully understanding the basics and Read More ››

Your Guide to Tire Maintenance

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Tire maintenance is essential to keeping your fleet in top form, and the FleetServ team is here to help.  Read the following list to learn the most important things you should know about tire maintenance for your fleet. 1. Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly Keeping perfect tire pressure is very important to every fleet’s success.  Read More ››

How Technology Impacts Your Fleet

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With ever-changing technology impacting the way we live and work, it’s no surprise these advances affect fleet management as well. Thanks to recent developments in fleet technology, your business can increase its productivity, improve efficiency and even boost revenue. These three impactful technologies can help drive success and benefit your company in ways it’s never Read More ››

The Importance Of Retrofits

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Are you looking for a way to make your vehicles compliant with environmental regulations and emissions standards? Do you want to do it without replacing your entire fleet? Retrofits are the answer. What is retrofitting? Retrofitting is replacing old parts with new parts or equipment that wasn’t available when the original item was manufactured. Computers, Read More ››

The Successful Six: 6 Tips for Being a Great Fleet Manager

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Being a fleet manager entails much more than just ensuring your fleet is up to par – it requires you to be a great communicator, a multitasker, a mechanical expert, an administrator and a negotiator. If a problem arises, it is you who must persevere to find a solution. If a driver has an issue, Read More ››

Fact or Fiction: Diesel Myths Uncovered

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For years, diesel fuel has been fighting an uphill battle to reverse its bad reputation as a smoggy, environmentally damaging means of vehicle power. However, in the past decade, measures have been put in place to make diesel one of the most eco-friendly fuels in the world. Considering the fact that diesel engines have evolved Read More ››

Staying Healthy on the Road

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Life on the road can be complicated, and coming up with ways to stay healthy just adds to the complication.  That’s why the FleetServ team has come up with a few great ways to stay healthy while you are on the road. Here are a few of the best things you can do to take Read More ››

4 Tips for Avoiding Trucking Accidents

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We hear horror stories all the time: a big-rig flipped on the interstate; a semi collided with a car; a trucker lost control of his rig. With more than 500,000 accidents involving trucks occurring each year, tales like these seem endless. However, with adequate accident knowledge, you, your fleet managers, and your drivers can travel Read More ››

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