back pain

A Trucker’s Guide to Back Pain Relief

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If you suffer from back pain while driving, the road will seem to never end! Give your back the relief it needs when you follow FleetServ’s suggestions for easing your painful back. Start with Good Posture We all know we should use good posture, but it’seasier said than done when you’re trucking long hauls. Achieving Read More ››

Aerodynamic Trailer Skirting: Why it’s a Must Have for Any Fleet

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If you’ve spent any time traveling the highway recently, you’ve likely noticed a new trend amongst big-rigs and tractor-trailers: skirts. No, not the type of skirt your mother wears – these aerodynamic trailer skirts are the latest fad for fleets across the nation. What Is An Aerodynamic Trailer Skirt?   An aerodynamic trailer skirt, also Read More ››

Closed Crankcase Ventilation 101 – Diesel Emission Retrofits

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Do you feel like you want to wear a face mask whenever you start up your old diesel truck? Do you get a headache from the fumes while you’re inside the passenger cab of your vehicle? Diesel-powered trucks create a lot of emissions, which is bad for the environment and your own breathing quality. There Read More ››

emissions test

6 Ways To Never Pass An Emissions Test

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(Disclaimer: the following post is satire. We really do think you should pass your emissions tests.)   In the grand scheme of things, does passing your vehicle’s emissions test doesn’t really matter? As a fleet manager, truck driver, or anyone else who drives a diesel engine, you’ve got better things to worry about than whether Read More ››

How to Pass Your Smoke Opacity Inspection

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In 1999, California adopted into state law The Periodic Smoke Inspection Program to monitor and control the smoke opacity – or excessive emissions smoke – of all California-based diesel fleets. This program requires all fleets to comply with the following:   All heavy-duty diesel trucks with more than a 6,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating must Read More ››

road trip essentials

The Fast 5: A Truck Driver’s Essential Packing List

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How big is the cab of your truck? Do you find yourself cramped for space and low on the essential packing items? We’ve developed a list of 5 necessities that will help you organize your life on the road and enjoy a few modern comforts of home while also being prepared for whatever situations you Read More ››

diesel emission retrofits

Clean Diesel: Reasons To Retrofit

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Though diesel engines may have high torque, incomparable reliability and affordable fuel-efficiency, they are notorious for emitting serious particulate matter, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide – creating significant air pollution and posing harmful health risks.   Thankfully, many diesel emission reduction plans have been developed to reduce these worrisome consequences. As one of the most Read More ››

BIT program

Understanding the BIT Program

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At FleetServ, our team of experts wants you and your fleet to be as successful as possible. And that’s why aiding with compliance is our top priority. Understanding the BIT (Biennial Inspection of Terminals Program) is essential to your fleet’s compliance.   Here are a few of the most important things you need to know Read More ››

DPF FIlter

The Box: DPF Cleaning in 24 Hours

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Diesel particulate filters keep your fleet running efficiently and compliant with federal and state regulations, but these filters do require some maintenance to function at their best. That is why we introduced the DPF Exchange Program. Here’s what you should know: Eliminate Downtime With The DPF Exchange Program The DPF Exchange Program is designed to Read More ››

5 Effective Ways to Improve Truck Fuel Economy

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Between equipment, tires, tolls, maintenance, and fuel, owning a fleet or driving a truck can cost a fortune. Instead of making detrimental cuts, however, there are several ways to decrease costly demands. Budgeting, outsourcing, insourcing and educating employees can save you a lot of money, but the most effective way to cut expenses is by Read More ››

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